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So you think you have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear. But what about that pile of sshirts hiding in the bottom drawer of your dresser?

The sshirt is the epitome of menswear essential, but there's a secret to wearing one for any occasion. Every man's favorite style piece. It's simple, like most men, and requires very few decisions when wearing one. Top designers and stylists until recently haven't advised wearing short-sleeved shirts at all.

Have you ever tried wearing a sshirt over a dress? You probably thought it was harder than it looks. I have six black sshirts. Wearing a black tee each day removes the stress of having to decide what to wear. Don't wear a shirt, it will actually draw more attention to you. For instance, you'd never wear a thick wool sweater under a cotton dress shirt, right?

A polo shirt is one of the most classic items of clothes you can have in his wardrobe, and there's plenty of ways to wear one. Unlike any other garment, the T-shirt lets you wear a message on your chest. While that's true, you can also look fresh and fashionable in a tee.

A hair shirt is a shirt made of rough uncomfortable cloth which some religious people used to wear to punish themselves. Wearing a t-shirt under your thermals may seem like a fantastic idea until you try it!

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